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Have you noticed the rising popularity and usage of chat bots? These computer programs designed to increase interactivity with humans over the internet are used by many big techs. Artificial intelligence forms the base of bots concept. Chatbot acts as an intelligent robot designed to carry out conversation with one or more human beings. The roots of chatbot go back to 1966 when it named ELIZA. Since then, chatbots have been improvised to make them smarter and more accurate. This has suddenly become a hot topic for industries this year where everyone wants to slip their company name in one of the popular messaging app. It is important to partner with the right Mobile App Development Company to leverage this new phenomenon known as Chat Bots. Why have Chatbots Suddenly Gained Popularity in 2017? The answer to this question can be found out by learning about what can bots do and how powerful they are. Convenience offered by this AI tool is unmatched. For example, you can chat with your friend or colleague and simultaneously book a table at nearby restaurant, an Uber ride, appointment with physician, or even book flight tickets without leaving the messaging app. Though there are separate apps to perform these actions conveniently, chatbot spoils the user by offering an extra level of flexibility. Exiting one app and visiting another one to perform an action would obviously require five to six clicks and few minutes time. The same task is performed with just one message through bots.

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Factors Influencing the Rise of Chatbots:

  1. The increasing use of messaging apps by people is the major factor contributing to the rise of chatbots in 2016. Messaging apps are the most used ones after social networking ones like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The number of mobile phone messaging app users is projected to go up to 2.10 billion in 2017.

  2. Artificial intelligence is an ever growing field. Scientists have discovered many unbelievable things in AI, yet there is much more scope on advancements in this arena. Chatbots can be made to have a deeper knowledge of human behavior and language to give more accurate and intelligent responses. Speech recognition is getting advanced like never before exploring all possible areas of improvement.

  3. Reliable technologies of cloud computing and integration help integrating various apps into messaging ones. Synchronizing communication between these apps using APIs is now possible with powerful integration techniques. Chatbots are promising mobile users to experience convenience like never before at the touch of fingertips. Many big companies have already entered in this field with their bots in popular messaging apps. Several others are looking forward to it considering its reach and usability by people.

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