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Mobile App Development

Adopting technology based solution becomes a recent mindset of businesses from small and midsized businesses to large sized enterprises in order to explore new horizons of their ventures. Mobile app becomes a one of the most popular trend adopted by businesses, today. Based on one survey, approximately 77% business holders appreciate the benefits of enterprise apps. Moreover, around 66% of them are looking for enhancing their investment in mobile app development. The market of enterprise apps is expected to grow in near future. The trend of micro-apps is also ascending as per recent trend. In addition, m-commerce has established a new standard as the world is progressing towards digitalization. The prime goal of businesses for mobile app development is to restructure, streamline and efficiently administrate their crucial business operations. Hence, for development of a successful mobile app, a business needs to find an expert and reliable mobile app development company who comprehend throughout need of their million dollar app idea and capable to turn it in a more productive manner. There are several criteria essential to comprehend as for small and medium sized businesses, the budget is a prime concern and they cannot take any risk in trash their valuable money and time by finding an inefficient app development company.

Important Criteria to Understand In Selecting the Right Mobile App Development Company:

Here we are discussing some major criteria that assist you with how to decide on selecting a mobile app development company for developing an innovative mobile application. Finding a company with a team of veteran professionals, including designers, developers, project managers and marketing experts helps in accomplish your purpose. A company having experienced and knowledgeable professionals with an understanding of latest technology trend as well as need of end-users can easily justify your project thoroughly.

Study the Portfolio:

Collect portfolio of different mobile app development companies in order to find a right company with abilities to accept complex challenges. You should make a study of their work, reviews of clients, social media interactions and work approach in order to make a short list of companies to choose a good one. You should discuss with the management and development team to understand their proficiency. On the other hand, you need to ensure about your app idea and budget for development. You need to choose a company that precisely matches with your budget limit with other significant criteria. Selecting a right platform for your app is also an important task. There are many companies who proffer services for developing all types of app. They can give right suggestion to choose the right platform to make your app profitable.

Comprehend the app development Process:

Understanding the complete life cycle of project development is also necessary while selecting any reliable mobile app development company. As on-time project delivery gives value to your investment, you need to ensure with your hiring company regarding the timely delivery of the project. Moreover, project updates at frequent interval of development cycle helps in understanding scope of the project for its further implement to add new features and make the app seamless.

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Understand Work Approach:

Many mobile app development companies initially allures you with good promises in order to grab the project, but once they get a signing amount, they start finding reasons to escape from your work. Hence, it becomes necessary to know the work approaches of your hiring company and their punctuality in delivering work, completely. You should ensure with their list of clientele and reputation in the market.

Security Aspects:

As security is the prime concern for any application, it becomes necessary for mobile app developers to have expertise in developing an app with a higher level of security helps in protecting valuable data of customers. According to one survey report, majority of apps has problems even in basic test of security. Thus, you need to ensure with your hiring company for all such important aspects. Furthermore, you need to assure about privacy of your app concept as well as all information related to your project. Before handling project to any company, an agreement that includes all security terms, payment terms, delivery schedule, private policy and other important terms and condition become vital to overcome any misconception at a later stage.

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When we talked about the technologies of mobile app, it becomes vital for mobile app developers not to depend on only outdated tools and techniques at the stage of development. They need right insight and vision to comprehend the modern trend of app market and how best they can serve out-of-box in order to make an app successful in real term. The developer team should comprise know-how to move ahead in the era of modern technology.


Consequently, finding a big or small company for your need of mobile app development depends on various factors that you should think about. Make a list of advantages and disadvantages for your search and take the right decision based on your key priorities. When it comes to choosing the right company to develop a mobile app for your million dollar idea, an expertise with the latest mobile app technology trends, prompt and reliable service and support as well as ethical and transparent work approach play an important role.


Mobile App Development

Throughout history, pop culture has always presented us with a few choices that would split most people into two camps. These battles would go global and often times, the side you stuck with said a certain thing about you. You probably know a couple of them and have been on one side or another in some case. Just a couple of examples would be Coke vs Pepsi, Xbox vs PlayStation, Nike vs Adidas and so on. In more recent times, we see another battle erupting at the heart of the tech market. To be more specific, we’re talking about iOS vs Android. The two leading mobile device operating systems have been brawling it out ever since they were released. But as some of you know, mobile platforms are very dependent on the quality of the app store built for them. That means that the marketplace can make or break the mobile OS, so it’s no wonder that many people want to know which platform is better and why. In this article we will shed some light on the subject and give you another perspective may be. No doubt that Apple’s iOS App Store has its strengths, but let’s see how Google’s Play Store manages to come out on top and in what departments.

App Developers have an easier time on the Play Store:

There are two sides to this argument. Let’s start off by looking at Apple’s App Store. The platform has made a name for itself as provider of nothing but top quality. Since its release, the App Store has only allowed the top quality apps to pass and thus has gained a reputation for excellence. This is something that pleases the user community, since they are far less likely to encounter bugs or problems with the IOS version of an app. However, from a developer point of view, it can get quite troubling to know that all the hard work you put into your app could be for nothing. Because of these facts, iOS versions of apps do tend to be more popular and also get priority in the development queue over the Android counterpart. However, these are also the reasons why many app developers stick with Android. On Google’s side, developers have an incredibly lower chance of getting rejected. Also, on Android you will see a far wider selection of applications, without taking anything away from Apple’s collection. Apps that significantly alter the aspect or functionality of the entire operating system are available on the Play Store whereas the iOS marketplace lacks in that department.  

Google Play Apps are seen easier than App Store apps:

After putting in the work to create an app, then getting past the admission part, developers start worrying about how many people actually see their app in the store, or how visible it is to those searching for it. It is a top concern for developers that when people search for their app, they would get a direct result that will score their app more hits. This isn’t always the case, unfortunately, and that’s to do with how each marketplace handles search queries. Let’s take a look at Apple’s model. In the App Store, developers get a special box when submitting their app. There, they put down all the keywords for their app, and if someone is to find it in the store, they would have to search for one of those keywords. Needless to say, that reduces the total number of people that find, discover or stumble upon your app by quite a lot.

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Google on the other hand has its store set up so that when a user is searching for something, it will match the search query with app names, app descriptions, and pretty much everything else related to apps. This maximizes the chances of you finding what you were looking for, because it checks every piece of text on the platform to find something matching what you searched for. This is why many app developers choose Android as their development platform, because they have a guaranteed larger discovery rate right off the bat.

Google Play Store tells you more about the App:

If it’s a popular app, it’s probably available on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. You can check out one of your favorite apps on both the App Store and the Play Store to see just how much different the two app pages are. If you don’t have mobile devices on both platforms, you can always access the pages from your computer. On the App Store, you have a very minimalistic approach to app description, with just some screenshots and bits of information scattered across two columns. The only critique is from app reviews which are displayed on the page as a sort of encouraging factor for users that want to try out the app. The Play Store offers just one column, and you just scroll down to gradually learn everything there is about the app. You have screenshots as well as video (which is very important because it gives you the best pre-install notion of the app). Also, you get information about how other users are finding the app and you can filter comments so that you see them by the phone model comment leavers are using. You can even sort them to see the ones from your friends, so you can get a more personal endorsement from the app.

Finances are a less Stressful on Android’s Store:

Money is a very important factor when it comes to mobile apps. Even though some of the mare free, it is no secret or surprise that all app developers submit their creations in the hopes of getting some monetary gains or at least recognition that would boost their careers and thus lead to fruitful jobs. When it comes to Play Store apps, these are a lot cheaper and often times free, in comparison to Apple’s platform. This is because iOS developers charge more as a direct result of the App Store being so demanding. Also, having apps of guaranteed superior quality helps justify the inflated price tag. The atmosphere is much looser on the Play Store, and users have a much better time shopping for apps.

Handling complains is Easier:

Apple is in direct control of their store, meaning that if something happens and a client is demanding a refund or some answers, app developers can only tell them to “talk to Apple” about it. On the Play Store, developers handle their own apps and can distribute compensations or solutions to problems as they see fit.


Having all these factors into consideration, we are not saying that Apple’s app store is bad or that it doesn’t stand a chance against Google’s. However, as you can see, the latter has some pretty powerful arguments as to why many deem it better for developers from both an environment and a business perspective.


Mobile App Development

In this competitive modern business era, all kinds of industries need struggle harsh to stay ahead of their leading rivals. Recent advanced technologies have assisted businesses to make their complex operations more efficient and quick. Nowadays, mobile apps become the latest business trend that has been adopted by almost all industries in order to reach their global audience as well as stay connected with them quickly with several other benefits. In order to gain benefits from mobile app such as build a relationship and loyalty with customers, enhance brand awareness, visibility, accessibility as well as increase sales, strengthen brand, and many more, most of the industries have started developing mobile app to strengthen their core business activities and increase growth. Based on RED HAT Mobile Maturity Survey, shows that 90% of organizations had increased their investments in mobile app in 2016. In addition, Gartner survey say that by 2017, the demand of mobile app will increase 5 times more than the capacity of internal IT organizations to deliver it.

Popular Industries Earning benefits Using Mobile Apps:

From social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook to the job search app, including LinkedIn, a gamut of advantages gained by different industries using mobile application to connect their global audience with an aim to promote their products and offer prompt services to their customers.


Mobile technology has made learning easy and affordable in present time. In the age of e-learning, mobile app enhances interest of students in learning and comprehending subject easily and quickly. Nowadays, from nursery to post graduate, mobile apps help in teaching the subject elaborately. Universities, colleges, primary and higher secondary schools as well as personal coaching classes can improve standards of quality education using educational app that also helps in offer personalize education to each student. It also helps in efficiently managing the overall system of the education institute.

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Games and Entertainment:

Based on statista survey, Gaming app belongs in the top most category of mobile app show approximately 17 billion revenue on the global level and expected to grow over 44.2 billion by 2018. Gaming apps offers users engaging experience with complete entertainment without constraining age group. From famous cartoon character to favorite actors and actresses, gaming and entertainment apps are ruling the app industries. A trend of movie app prior to its release also attracts the global audience. Different mobile gaming app categories include action, educational, music, adventure, racing, puzzle, sports, and many more attracts people of all age groups, globally. Choosing a current scenario or trend, festival or famous personality based gaming concepts works successfully to allure target audience on the global platform.

Travel & Tourism:

Travel & Tourism apps also become one of the most popularly used apps in the world. Nowadays, tourism industries started seeking help of a professional mobile app development company in order to enhance growth and reputation of their business. Knowing facts about the tremendous benefits of mobile app for tourism business, today, the travel industry is enjoying gaining its unmatched outcomes. A mobile app for travelers helps them to plan their trip efficiently and quickly in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, many useful features during travelling also proffer in app such as check weather, search restaurant, map features, nearby attractions, famous shopping places, and several others. From finding a hotel of your budget to book flight tickets, nowadays, travel apps comprises all advanced features in order to serve customers quick and accurate services just at their finger touch.


Mobile app for transport can benefit the transportation industry in improving customer services, workforce management and many others, such as from monitoring vehicles, deliveries, location of workers as well as assign routes, distribute tasks, etc. Different app can be developed such as for offering bus/shuttle/car services, an app offer instant access to a hire vehicle. In order to improve the efficacy of the transportation industry, different types of mobile apps give complete solutions helps them in enhancing operational capability.

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With increasing use of technology in every sector, manufacturing industry has also stepped ahead in taking advantage using the latest technology including mobile apps. With advanced features and functionalities, mobile app for manufacturing industry helps in automates the complex operations of the unit easily. Moreover, it also eases to connect the entire network of employees, suppliers, customers, and business associates. Utilize better resource management, enhance decision making strategy and increased productivity becomes feasible with seamless mobile app. In order to streamline inventory management, inspection, work order, customer services, logistics, invoicing and other processes of a manufacturing unit, an efficiently developed mobile app accomplish all your purposes.


In the ever-increasing challenges of the pharmaceutical industries, mobile app becomes a boon for this industry. From profound clinical studies, research and survey to store vast research based data, mobile app help pharma sector in monitor all activities of the drug before and prior to its launch in the market. It also helps to comprehend their product impact and implement it accurately in the future. Moreover, app for pharmacists helps in collecting all data easily and quickly, offer quality care and reduces paperwork. Moreover, access to sharing patient data, interactions with patients and physicians, deliver more personalized care to patients, and many more to offer real-time responsive services.

Banking & Finance:

Mobile apps meet all the objectives of banking and finance sector by offering unsurpassed advantages to their customers. Comprising high-end security level in an app, mobile banking app becomes most convenient tool for the industry to allure the customers. It helps the banking sector to improve customer engagement, provide better services and stay connected to inform them about new financial products, schemes and offers. With several easy to use features can make banking app boon for its users. Thus, an efficient mobile app helps in attracting more customers.


We have discussed here only a few industries, but, today, almost all types of industries can gain benefits of custom mobile application development based on their requirements. You can hire any expert mobile application development company who can develop customized user-friendly and successful mobile app based on your needs of cross-platform mobile app development that helps your business to enhance productivity and profitability.


Mobile App Development, Web App Development

When looking at the top mobile app marketplaces, you commonly see things like the Top Downloads page, Most Popular page, etc. However, we’re talking about a page. How many more pages are apps no one even knows they exist and will never meet success due to various reasons? Sadly, the answer is way too many to count. But of course just like in any other thing in life, success is achieved by those who put in the work and excel at the little details that make them stand out. Some apps fail because they’re bad, plain and simple, but there are also a lot of apps that have a lot of potential. The latter category fails often due to mistakes they make here and there without even realizing in time. In this article we are to learn what kind of mistakes app creators make under their own noses which ruin the final product.

How will your app make you money?

There are a lot of steps to take before getting there, but the final step is no doubt choosing a monetization system for your app. A common mistake made by app developers is that they don’t think of this aspect until very late into the project. You wouldn’t be the first one to be sitting idly with a finished app and no idea how to sell it. The result is a poorly applied business model that results in your app not meeting its monetary potential. Let’s break that down for a second. In app marketing, there are multiple ways in which an app can produce revenue and depending on what kind of app you create, the best one can change. It might be more efficient or profitable to release your app under a “free but featuring ads” model, or straight up charge a fixed amount for each download. Having two versions of the app, one free and one paid but with certain benefits is also a popular formula. This must be something that you evaluate and turn over in your head as you develop the app, not after you’ve finished it so that you hinder both the release date and income.

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Budget Managements and Resource Distribution:

The way you manage your budget and how you make use of your resources will determine how the final product will look like as well as what impact it will have ( and on whom, for that matter). There are several cases of great apps that never see the light of day because the developers plan their budget in a very sloppy manner and so they run out of funds before development is complete. Another similar example is putting all your money into the app itself with no more funds left for promotion and marketing strategies. There is also a reverse situation where you have a killer marketing campaign for an app that you can’t actually build because, guess what? You spent your entire budget on a killer marketing campaign. Such things differentiate the success stories from the “almost there’s and “what if”s.

Rigidness and Unoriginality:

If your app focuses on doing only one thing, and that thing only, it might live out a short success followed by a sudden drop. No matter how terrific a function is, it eventually gets old, outdated, or outdone. This is why it is important to make sure that your app is capable of bringing multiple elements to the table. Sure, you might have sought to create an app that does one particular thing very well, and you’ve succeeded. But if you want to keep building on that success you need to expand your horizon and start thinking of new ways the app can serve your customers. Let’s keep looking here for a second, specifically at errors that occur in what apps provide. If you make an app that achieves the same purpose as other existing apps, you need to make sure you bring something new to the table. Often times people release apps that approach the same successful concepts as already popular apps, but not as well. This is a sure way to make sure that your time and effort are wasted.


That being said, developing a successful app is never an easy task. There are a lot of elements that are out of your control such as current trends or user tendencies, but there are also lot aspects you can directly influence. Making sure you do everything in your power to succeed and that you avoid errors that can cost you a lot will prove decisive in the end.


Web App Development

As the mobile industry is continuously blooming and presenting young developers with new opportunities, they are also faced with an important decision that will pretty much determine what their app developing experience will shape up to be. To be more specific, we’re talking about choosing a development platform. Sure, there are still developers that prefer to use another platform, but from a popularity standpoint we are seeing a blanket of Node.js users on the rise. As up and coming developers are looking at the developing platform to help them carry out their project, we are going to look at why Node.js is a great development platform for startups. With big names such as Walmart and PayPal but also smaller yet popular ventures like Slack or Uber finding their way towards Node.js, one can only wonder if the platform really is the best solution right now. That being said, check out these Node.js perks that you will benefit from if you decide to adopt the development tool into your startup creation process.

It Scales:

The capability of scaling accordingly is something that drives many developers towards choosing Node.js. This functionality comes into effect when talking about software stacks. From a server side perspective, developers choose to build their software stacks on Node.js completely. Startups aren’t the only ones that benefit from this, as it is noticeable in several established brand examples. Among these examples we can find the likes of LinkedIn, eBay or even Groupon, and thanks to Node.js they are able to distribute large workloads onto servers while displaying unparalleled performance parameters.

Quick to Respond:

The amount of time in which a server responds while being in the midst of testing is very important as it lays down the foundation for the startup performance overall. The advantage of using Node.js over another development platform can also be found in the speed with which Node.js developers are able to get a response. This is due to its light nature and the fact that it doesn’t clutter up with app servers and JARs that can otherwise slow it down. As a result, developers find themselves free to focus on writing the code and deploying it just as quick. Also an important factor in why Node.js is so fast is the fact that it uses the same language for frontend and backend, so  that there’s no need to alternate between the two. For someone freshly getting a startup going, it can be a huge relief not having that extra thing to worry about.

Easy to learn, Easy to Use:

Since we’re talking about startups, it only makes sense that we assume that most of the people creating them will be novices on the development scene. This can be quite daunting when dealing with other platforms which require a tremendous amount of work and will to learn, just to get down the way it works. With Node.js, the learning curve is quite manageable. In fact, you’ll be a Node.js expert in no time. As mentioned before, the front and backend use the same language which means that a substantially smaller amount of code has to be written in contrast with a scenario where frontend and backend don’t use the same language. Micro Services: Micro services come in the form of an architecture type and bring forth a series of perks that users can benefit from, just by using Node.js. Customer count scaling, increased speed and safety for writing code, extensive testing capabilities in an A/B format, and customer feedback facilitation. These are the features you can include in your toolbox if you are to embrace the micro service architecture designed within Node.js.

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Community Perks:

Getting a great service is always a good thing, but it’s always better if you have a community of peers to rely on for occasional help. When you are part of a community, problems get fixed ten times faster and also knowledge is gained at accelerated rates as well. Thanks to the overflow of great features and functionalities, as well as its smooth learning curve and easy to code nature, Node.js  is rapidly garnering popularity and a strong community around it which can be a very useful tool when you find yourself in the dark as a starter developer.


That being said, Node.js is a great choice for people that want to get straight into the action and proceed to doing without having to spend huge amounts of time learning the software first. The array of functionalities give Node.js an edge over its competitors and keep users satisfied during their projects.