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Web App Development

Web development can be a tedious process when you’re doing everything bare footed, so to speak. During the evolution of web development and the discovery and implementation of new techniques, it has been made obvious that acquiring a set of tools to help you in complete your project is definitely something you should look into. When a developer is looking to start a web development project, one of the first decisions they will be forced to make is to choose a framework.


AngularJS is considered by many the go-to when it comes to web developing in terms of frameworks. There is a large demand for AngularJS tools and there is also a large collection of such tools already available. If you are going to use AngularJS, it is highly advised that you also get some of these great tools which are a defining factor in how the entire process will unfold. AngularJS definitely has a set of strong points that continue to push people towards using the platform. It is based on JavaScript and it features extensive HTML5 support. If you’re looking for the perfect framework to help you come up with dynamic views, this web app synthesizing powerhouse will definitely put a smile on your face. It is pretty safe to say that when it comes to a healthy mix of performance and user readability, AngularJS will be a top solution regardless of its competition.

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Just pointing out that you are going to need some framework supported tools isn’t that much help on its own, so we are going to provide you with some pertinent suggestions on what tools you should specifically give a try. The following AngularJS tools are bound to increase your productivity tenfold, as well as boost the overall efficiency and work quality.

1. Karma:

Karma focuses on testing. You can’t launch anything before it’s tested, and when testing time comes, you should give Karma a holler and enjoy its potent testing features such as real browser implementation and mobile handset support. This kind of versatility will be important in the long run and being able to test in these conditions makes a great difference.

2. Djangular:

What if we told you that the hassle of app content development can be skipped through the implementation of one simple AngularJS tool? The tool in question is Djangular and it does just that. You can use it and then re-use it anytime you deem it necessary, and create app content for the AngularJS platform suitable for your project and necessities.


This tool is different from the others as it deals with macros, but also mentions. These often times make up an important segment of the development process, and a tool that help you input them directly to the desired element is something any AngularJS developer will welcome. And, what’s even cooler, it doesn’t come with any jQuery strings attached.

4. Videogular:

Videogular caters to the video necessities of the AngularJS developer. Through Videogular, your AngularJS project can feature HTML5-based video playing capabilities that translate to an easy to implement video player for your design.

5. Mocha.js:

This node.js dependent tool will allow you to test JavaScript capabilities in optimal conditions. This is the perfect AngularJS extension for someone that is looking to undergo a challenging, versatility demanding test fest on both browser and framework.

6. SublimeTex:

How’s your coding? Are you enjoying yourself while you’re undergoing ridiculous amounts of tedious coding? Well, if you ever find yourself looking for an easy to use alternative that takes all the strain out of the process, be sure to give SublimeText a try. It is by far the go-to AngularJS tool when it comes to text code editors, as a large portion of the developer community will recommend it over alter similar solutions.

7. WebStorm:

It would be unfair to praise SubliumeText and not give its competitors a fair shot of proving themselves. One of the top contenders for the title of best AngularJS IDE and text editor is WebStorm. WebStorm comes with the expected JavaScript-ready status, but its gears have also been oiled for HTML and CSS runs, which give it a bit of an edge on some other solutions. You might want to strongly consider WebStorm if you dread the need of constant refreshes in order to see changes take effect when operating with the platform’s text editor. This can be avoided by using the live text editor featured in WebStorm, which also allows you to check coding on browsers.

8. AngularUI:

That taking your time and making sure everything is in order is something that goes without saying, but speed and project duration are also factors to take into consideration during AngularJS development. By using something like AngularUI, you will be able to speed up the process by replacing widgets with bone-naked directives that can be integrated with UI-Bootstrap.


If you’re just starting out with AngularJS, it’ll take you a while before you get a hold of everything that developing on the platform means, but with the help of these tools you can foresee an easy and smooth transition, with an efficient resolve in terms of project developing.


Web App Development
How does your company work on creating an Enterprise Development Platform? For many organizations, the question is which language would be for developing their Enterprise Development Platform. Most organizations choose Java, not because it is a better option but because Java’s there for long and most developers are well versed with it. However, is Java the right option? When looking for a back-end server API generator, you will need to implement a Java version. It can take long to implement the features and there might be alternative frameworks out there that just works better! Your organization might need to develop apps for both the web or mobile. You will need to adopt Node.js and its MVC framework Sails.js.

Java, Node.js or .Net – Which one to opt for? :
If you are looking for a scalable, secure and a well-supported development framework and runtime environment which could be useful in producing of large-scale scenarios, you cannot depend on Java alone. Instead, choose Node.js over Java and .Net. Here is why Node.js is the better choice.

  • Easy Development – It is understood and generally accepted by both .Net and Java camps. The developers for these are used to working with JavaScript syntax and can deploy Node.js on Windows and Unix infrastructures easily.
  • Secure and your developers know it – With a reputation for being secure, easy to learn and scaling well, Node.js appeals to several tech communities. It is already being used in production by several well-known organizations.
  • Offers non-blocking I/O API and great speed – An application’s scalability and throughput gets optimized by Node.js which offer a non-blocking I/O API and an event-driven architecture.

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Choosing the Node MVC Framework:
So, which framework is best for Node.js? Your organizational needs will enable you to give an answer for this. Ask your developers to determine the capabilities they need. For instance, Sails.js is known to offer flexibility, robust community, permissive license and out-of-box readiness. How does Sails.js work? : Being based on Express.js, any middleware based on Express can be plugged into Sails.js and used offering the developers access to several open source packages running on the platform of Express. Sails.js can help as it has Waterline ORM that helps to write a database adapter which can be connected to various systems. You also have a number of database adapters available in Sails.js community including MySQL AND Microsoft SQL Server allowing AnyPresence to use a single framework. Best of all, the development process can be quicker than say when you’re using Java. This is because Sails.js makes it quite easy and quick to get stuff in use, using prototyping. Changes can be viewed and tested easily and one can iterate rapidly. In fact, this procedure can be useful even if you’re looking to develop apps for Internet of Things. With its varied capabilities, the apps will be ready for different challenges easily. Voxill Tech offers some of the best apps for your business. The app development company can design apps as you need, taking into account your unique app requirements.

Web App Development

As the mobile industry is continuously blooming and presenting young developers with new opportunities, they are also faced with an important decision that will pretty much determine what their app developing experience will shape up to be. To be more specific, we’re talking about choosing a development platform. Sure, there are still developers that prefer to use another platform, but from a popularity standpoint we are seeing a blanket of Node.js users on the rise. As up and coming developers are looking at the developing platform to help them carry out their project, we are going to look at why Node.js is a great development platform for startups. With big names such as Walmart and PayPal but also smaller yet popular ventures like Slack or Uber finding their way towards Node.js, one can only wonder if the platform really is the best solution right now. That being said, check out these Node.js perks that you will benefit from if you decide to adopt the development tool into your startup creation process.

It Scales:

The capability of scaling accordingly is something that drives many developers towards choosing Node.js. This functionality comes into effect when talking about software stacks. From a server side perspective, developers choose to build their software stacks on Node.js completely. Startups aren’t the only ones that benefit from this, as it is noticeable in several established brand examples. Among these examples we can find the likes of LinkedIn, eBay or even Groupon, and thanks to Node.js they are able to distribute large workloads onto servers while displaying unparalleled performance parameters.

Quick to Respond:

The amount of time in which a server responds while being in the midst of testing is very important as it lays down the foundation for the startup performance overall. The advantage of using Node.js over another development platform can also be found in the speed with which Node.js developers are able to get a response. This is due to its light nature and the fact that it doesn’t clutter up with app servers and JARs that can otherwise slow it down. As a result, developers find themselves free to focus on writing the code and deploying it just as quick. Also an important factor in why Node.js is so fast is the fact that it uses the same language for frontend and backend, so  that there’s no need to alternate between the two. For someone freshly getting a startup going, it can be a huge relief not having that extra thing to worry about.

Easy to learn, Easy to Use:

Since we’re talking about startups, it only makes sense that we assume that most of the people creating them will be novices on the development scene. This can be quite daunting when dealing with other platforms which require a tremendous amount of work and will to learn, just to get down the way it works. With Node.js, the learning curve is quite manageable. In fact, you’ll be a Node.js expert in no time. As mentioned before, the front and backend use the same language which means that a substantially smaller amount of code has to be written in contrast with a scenario where frontend and backend don’t use the same language. Micro Services: Micro services come in the form of an architecture type and bring forth a series of perks that users can benefit from, just by using Node.js. Customer count scaling, increased speed and safety for writing code, extensive testing capabilities in an A/B format, and customer feedback facilitation. These are the features you can include in your toolbox if you are to embrace the micro service architecture designed within Node.js.

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Community Perks:

Getting a great service is always a good thing, but it’s always better if you have a community of peers to rely on for occasional help. When you are part of a community, problems get fixed ten times faster and also knowledge is gained at accelerated rates as well. Thanks to the overflow of great features and functionalities, as well as its smooth learning curve and easy to code nature, Node.js  is rapidly garnering popularity and a strong community around it which can be a very useful tool when you find yourself in the dark as a starter developer.


That being said, Node.js is a great choice for people that want to get straight into the action and proceed to doing without having to spend huge amounts of time learning the software first. The array of functionalities give Node.js an edge over its competitors and keep users satisfied during their projects.