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Importance of WordPress:

Since the introduction of WordPress in the year of 2003, it has become famous blogging software in the market. WordPress also have become most popular content management software of option for non-blogging sites also. Here are the reasons behind the popularity of WordPress and why should you enter into a wordPress platform for the benefit of your company.

  • ★ Easy to handle – You will find WordPress is very comfortable to use and has the quality of intuitive interface like attaching new pages, blog posts etc. On a everyday basis, it is very swift to use and can be completed quickly. As because of its technology which is so swift, you don’t have to spend much time on formatting is hugely decreased. You will make your modern web design.

  • ★ You can look after your website from any company – It is a great feature of WordPress is that it is fully browser based. It is so unique that you can login into it from any internet enable the computer to handle your site.

  • ★ There is not a requirement of HTML editing or for that matter FTP software – You will be amazed to read that HTML is a self-obtained system and it does not need HTML editing software tool. If you wish you can create a brand new page, upload documents, image galleries, format text, blog post , video files etc. You can do all of these without the help of added HTML or for that matter FTP software. With WordPress you can also make your logo.

  • ★ All the search engines like WordPress website – The coding behind the WordPress is very neat and clean and also simple, it makes easy for the search engines to read, crawl and index a website’s content. Additionally, each page image and post can have their own meta keywords, title, and description and also can be further optimized for definitive, permitting for very exact search engine optimization. If it is needed you can also utilize tags for further increasing your search engine attempts.

  • ★ The management of your website will be in your hand – You don’t have to wait for the graphic designers to create ordinary updates to your website. With the help of WordPress, you almost have complete control over your website and can effortlessly create those ordinary updates by yourself. With the help of WordPress you will be able to make a modern web design.

  • ★ The design of your website is fully Personalized – The WordPress works a turbine for your website. The overall appearance of the website can be completely personalized so that your brand name twinkles through on your website and offers an exclusive experience for your website visitors.

  • ★ A blog is created in and prepares to perform – Since WordPress was naturally built as a blogging platform, blogging abilities are created in and very simple to integrate, if you want so. Establishing RSS/email subscriptions to your own blog, abilities to comment automated adding up the most current blog posts to another page of the website are also very easy to establish and provides help to enhance the reach of your company and create your website more interactive and dynamic.

  • ★ Increase the functionality of your website with plugins – If you want to add up a Facebook Fan Box, video gallery, news feed, event calendar, Twitter, make your logo and much more to your website? WordPress will make it happens with the help of plugins, most of them are either free or affordable priced.

  • ★ Your website evolves as your business develops – The sites of WordPress are scalable. You can have many pages or article post or blog post on your website and the working of the website will not be decreased by any means.

  • ★ Have many users – At the position of the WordPress administrator, you can built-up many users for the site and accessing levels and abilities to each and every user.


Web App Development

CMS stands for Content Management System and it does just that. It literally allows you to control and manage the content within your website wherever you may be. This fairly uncomplicated system enables you to easily add, delete or edit text and images in your site instantly as well as provide you unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine. A CMS web presence allows you to manage your website despite not having any technical knowledge, HTML experience or website design. Even just a little experience with Microsoft Word would equip you with the basic knowledge of its navigation. Here is a list of five CMS platforms that you can install as your own host with a description on its strengths of what it can do for your website.  

1. WordPress
Strength: Marketing
Probably the most well-known due to its host and self-hosted options, WordPress is a free and open source so you can install it on your own host with no issues. Starting out as a blogging platform, WordPress’ plugins have added so many features that you can practically do anything with it. There’s no need for programming or HTML experience as editing can be made using any normal web browser from anywhere in the world, even with your iPhone.  Moreover, it eliminates calls to your CMS web design company for any changes because you’re already a certified DIY when it comes to managing your website so scratch problems on delays of getting new content online off the list.  

2. Concrete5
Strength: Easy Content Editing
A website with heavy content or it has many pages with static information that needs to be changed or added to frequently would do well with Concrete 5. Also a free and open source, it’s best if you’re aiming for a simple CMS that enables you to edit content easily and tweak a bit of the design.  

3. Joomla
Strength: Customization
Unlike WordPress which maintains a similar look even when using different themes, Joomla sites don’t look anything alike because a user can customize everything. Joomla is powerful because you can do almost anything with e-commerce site but then there’s are many setting and tweaking involved to get it running; hence, if your site is more than a blog that has major text content and a YouTube video, Joomla works best.  

4. Drupal
Strength: Security
Not so different from Joomla, Drupal is a bit more flexible and secured. Also a free and open source, Drupal comes with plugins that tend to be the same while Joomla has a lot of paid plugins.  

5. Textpattern

Strength: Simplicity Flexibility
A CMS that’s a cross between Concrete 5 and Drupal, it’s easy to install and use but requires many tools for customization and tweaking. If you wish to install it and add content, that can be done but if you need to create your own design or tweak, you can do so too. If you want to create your own design and you have an idea of how to code your pages then Textpattern would be ideal as it exposes the code for pages while making CMS easy to use.

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